Clean & Close: How to Enjoy Perfect Peace with God Andrew Farley
Clean & Close: How to Enjoy Perfect Peace with God
Andrew Farley
1. Introduction – Obsessive ... 3 MINS
2. Session 1: God’s New Way 10 MINS
3. Session 2: Flirting with Moses 11 MINS
4. Session 3: Government Bailout 13 MINS
5. Session 4: No Bar of Soap 6 MINS
6. Session 5: Identity Theft 14 MINS
7. Session 6: The Paper and the ... 5 MINS
8. Session 7: The Wildfire Within 9 MINS
9. Session 8: Changing the Channel 9 MINS

Performance-driven Christianity constantly tells you to ‘do more,’ ‘be more,’ and ‘love more.’ Go to church every time the doors are open. Volunteer for more ministry. Read your Bible more often – because you certainly aren’t doing it enough.

And yet you can go through those motions and still not feel any closer to God.

Maybe you’ve experienced something like that. If so, God has an incredible message for you today: You are clean and close to Him because of Jesus Christ.

In his 8-message series, Clean & Close: How to Enjoy Perfect Peace with God, Andrew Farley shows you how to break free from ‘to-do list’ Christianity and embrace the true message that in Jesus, you’re as clean and close to God as you could ever be… and you’re there forever!

Learn to shift your focus away from what you’re doing and instead celebrate what God has done for you through Christ’s finished work on the cross!

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