Finding Freedom Lorie Hartshorn
Finding Freedom
Lorie Hartshorn
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Trapped! 47 MINS
2. You Are A House! 40 MINS
3. Give Up Or Give In? 23 MINS
4. The Power Of Prayer 45 MINS
5. Stories Of Freedom 22 MINS
***This series will no longer be available on RightNow Media after December 16, 2020.***

‘Spiritual warfare is real so get prepared'

In this five-session, video-based study, Lorie shares her story of struggle. Teenagers running from God, addiction, hopelessness and fear – what was happening to her family? Feeling attacked by the enemy, without fully knowing how to respond, she describes this time as a wakeup call in her life. "Spiritual warfare was real and I wasn't prepared."

Lorie's dynamic teaching will take you on a journey to freedom, through powerful storytelling and teaching from God's Word. She will equip you to face 4 tactics of the enemy and provide you with powerful weapons of warfare to engage in battle, so that you too can FIND FREEDOM….right in the middle of the battle you are facing!  
  Finding Freedom- DVD Kit
  Finding Freedom- Guidebook
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