Secondhand Jesus Glenn Packiam
Secondhand Jesus
Glenn Packiam
1. God Will Give Me What I Want 49 MINS
2. God Can Be Added to a List of ... 47 MINS
3. God is Pleased With My Goodness 53 MINS
4. God Prefers Specialists 33 MINS
God wants you to know Him, deeply and personally. But there are no shortcuts to God.

So often we too easily settle for someone else's descriptions, the Cliffs Notes from another's spiritual journey. We are content to let “God experts” do the heavy lifting and then give us the bottom line. And after enough times through the grapevine, the truth about God deteriorates until crumbs and rumors are all that remain.

But when life derails, when things don't go as we planned, our thin view of God is challenged. In those critical moments, we can choose to walk away from God … or let our questions lead us home. When you decide to wrestle with God, to engage Him for yourself, you—like Jacob and Job and David and Glenn—will see rumors die and revelation come alive.

It's time to hear the magnificent divine invitation. It's time to take God up on His offer and embrace the mystery and majesty of knowing Him for yourself.  
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What if the way we worship isn't just an expression of our faith, but is what shapes our faith?

The Church has believed this about the way we worship and pray together for centuries: The way we worship becomes the way we believe. But if this is true, it's time to take a closer look at what we say and sing and do each week. Drawing from his own discovery of ancient worship practices, Glenn Packiam helps us understand why the Church made creedal proclamations and Psalm-praying a regular part of their worship. He shares about why the Eucharist was the climactic point of their corporate "re-telling of the salvation story."

When our worship becomes a rich feast, our faith is nourished and no longer anemic. The more our worship speaks of Christ, the more we enter into the mystery of faith.
1. Experiencing The Mystery of ... 11 MINS
Glenn Packiam
Glenn Packiam redefines the word lucky in the context of Jesus' beatitudes in Luke's Gospel.

Lucky uncovers how the poor, hungry, mourning and persecuted are blessed because the Kingdom of heaven-its fullness, comfort, and reward-is theirs in spite of their condition. This is Christ's announcement: the Kingdom of God has come to unlikely people.

Like the people Jesus addressed, we are called lucky not because of our pain or brokenness but because in spite of it, we have been invited into the Kingdom. The trajectory of our lives have been altered. What's more, we now have a part in the future that God is bringing. Like Abraham, we have been blessed to carry blessing, to live as luck-bearers to the unlikely and unlucky.
1. Lucky 1 3 MINS
2. Lucky 2 3 MINS
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