Evil and Suffering Neil Vimalkumar
Evil and Suffering
Neil Vimalkumar
Trailer 3 MINS
1. God is in Control 11 MINS
2. Trials and Tribulations 10 MINS
3. The Evil Within 11 MINS
4. Feeling Forsaken 9 MINS
5. Finding Hope 11 MINS
The problem of evil and suffering has long perplexed mankind. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do the innocent fall prey to the wicked? Where is God when tragedy strikes? Why doesn’t God intervene and protect us, His own, against the forces of evil?

Answering questions such as these can be very difficult, especially when the Bible seems to offer no clear-cut answers.

In this five-part series, Neil Vimalkumar, Senior Apologist with Life Focus Society, tackles these questions to help us gain a biblical perspective of God’s sovereignty so we can faithfully respond the evil and suffering around us.  
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