The Relationship Project Part Three: Understanding Mental Health
The Relationship Project Part Three: Understanding Mental Health
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Promo 2 MINS
2. Thoughts on Mental Health 2 MINS
3. Inner Life and Mental Health 8 MINS
4. Mental Health Review 3 MINS
5. Thoughts on Friendship and ... 2 MINS
6. Healthy Friendships 7 MINS
7. Unhealthy Friendships 4 MINS
8. Friendships and Social Media 4 MINS
9. Friendships and Loneliness ... 4 MINS
10. Stress and Anxiety Opener 2 MINS
11. Everyday Pressures 2 MINS
12. Stress and Anxiety Review 3 MINS
13. Thoughts on Sadness and ... 1 MIN
14. Your Life Matters to God 6 MINS
15. Sadness and Depression Review 2 MINS

Teenagers often face serious struggles today. Anxiety. Depression. Loneliness. Suicidal Ideation. It seems like everyone is talking about Mental Health and all that faces youth and young adults.

Schools talk about it. Doctors talk about it. Even the government is talking about it. But often, they only talk about one piece of mental health. Without the whole picture, good mental health is a pipe dream. By understanding the spiritual component of mental health, and how transformative a life in the Church can be, then, and only then, is good mental health possible.

The third installment of The Relationship Project explores the impact of our mental health on our inner lives, as well as the importance of understanding that God made each one of us on purpose and for a purpose.

In The Relationship Project Part Three: Understanding Mental Health, participants go on a four-Session video-based group journey (Facilitator Guide and Participant Workbooks sold separately) to discover a more complete definition of mental health and how they can cultivate good mental health. Through video instruction, carefully crafted group discussion questions, workbook activities and journaling opportunities, participants will be introduced to good mental health by exploring topics like friendship, loneliness, anxiety, stress and more.

Sessions include:

Session One: An Introduction to Good Mental Health

Session Two: Friendship & Loneliness

Session Three: Anxiety & Stress

Session Four: Sadness & Depression

The Relationship Project Part Three: Understanding Mental Health is the third and final part of a 3-Part Series.

It was designed to be used with the Part Three Leader Guide and Participant Workbooks (sold separately).

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