Welded - Forming Racial Bonds That Last Jay Stewart
Welded - Forming Racial Bonds That Last
Jay Stewart
1. The Priority of Jesus, Week One 9 MINS
2. The Ripple Effects of ... 8 MINS
3. Advancing the Cause, Week Three 8 MINS
4. Overcoming Barriers, Week Four ... 2 MINS
5. Overcoming Barriers, Week Four ... 7 MINS
6. Real-Life Struggles, Week Five 11 MINS
7. Revival, Prayer, and Racial ... 7 MINS

Welded- Forming Racial Bonds That Last is the story of two pastors and two churches coming together in the middle of some of the nation’s greatest racial tensions and painting a picture of true biblical community. This book recounts the two-year journey leading up to the merger of an African American church with a large, multi-site, primarily white megachurch. But it tells the backstory that began years earlier, and then brings the reader to a place of looking at a full-length mirror of their own value system.

  Small Group Study - Week 1
  Small Group Study - Week 2
  Small Group Study - Week 3
  Small Group Study - Week 4
  Small Group Study - Week 5
  Small Group Study - Week 6
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