Succession Todd Clark
Todd Clark
1. 2 Competing Meaphors 3 MINS
2. Protecting Organizational ... 2 MINS
3. Emergency Transition Management 1 MIN
4. Proactive Exit Planning 3 MINS
5. New Leader Hiring 3 MINS
6. Leadership Pipeline Development 1 MIN
7. Three Process Pathways 2 MINS
8. Stop and Go 1 MIN
9. Intentional Interim 1 MIN
10. Overlap 1 MIN
11. Latitude of Disclosure 2 MINS

Today’s churches realize the importance of stewarding a succession planning process that builds on their history, honors their transitioning leaders, and prepares their church for the future. Discover everything you’ll need in the transition process with our Succession Toolkit video series. Learn to navigate leadership transitions with integrity while maintaining health for everyone involved.

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