Parenting & Technology Kathy Koch
Parenting & Technology
Kathy Koch
1. How Can We Minimize the ... 2 MINS
2. How Can We Use Technology for ... 3 MINS
3. How Can We Manage Chaotic ... 3 MINS
4. How Do We Bridge the Gap ... 4 MINS
5. How Does Gen Z Develop ... 2 MINS
6. How Has Social Media Impacted ... 2 MINS

Technology is everywhere, it can connect people around the world, but it also has the power to disconnect us from those around us. For many parents, deciding how to use technology in their home can be challenging. How we connect with one another is different than ever before and we are left wondering technology’s role is in forming relationships.

  • Can Gen Z develop meaningful relationships?
  • How can different generations connect?
  • How are we to integrate the use of technology in our homes?

In this mini-series from Summit Ministries, leaders and thinkers have gathered to answer common questions regarding relationships and the use of technology. Hear from Dr. Kathy Koch, Matt Herd, and Michael Sherrard as they answer common questions about the use of technology. They share about bridging generational gaps, healthy use of technology in the home, managing chaotic lives and more.

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What does it really mean that we’re created in the image of God? If we understand it right, everything. This module lays the groundwork for a completely different understanding of who we are—one that will empower students to stand tall when the cultural trends at their feet feel like quicksand.

1. Intro 7 MINS
2. Rethinking Worldview, ... 36 MINS
3. Eight Great Smarts: A Practical ... 29 MINS
4. Eight Great Smarts: A Practical ... 22 MINS
5. The Sexual Revolution and Its ... 40 MINS

How can we cultivate a strong Christian vision of the world from a young age? In this module specifically focused on issues pertaining to elementary-age students, we will cover biblical worldview for kids, teaching morality, head and heart understanding, and how to cultivate resiliency in young students.

1. Intro 7 MINS
2. Cultivating Biblical Worldview ... 24 MINS
3. Teaching Elementary Students to ... 25 MINS
4. Made to Thrive: Head and Heart ... 24 MINS
5. Cultivating Resiliency in ... 29 MINS
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