Be Prepared: Equipping Kids to Face Today's World
Be Prepared: Equipping Kids to Face Today's World
1. Protect or Prepare? 34 MINS
2. The Facts of Life and Other ... 31 MINS
3. Preventing Disorders of ... 33 MINS
4. High Tech, Low Standards 34 MINS
5. Teaching a True View 34 MINS
6. Don't Just Say No 29 MINS
7. The Power of a Parent 27 MINS
Everybody needs the essentials! That's what you get in this powerful, entertaining series from Focus on the Family. Essentials of Parenting ™ brings top childrearing experts into your home or church - with practical wisdom, honest confessions, and decades of experience.

Essentials of Parenting: Be Prepared presents practical plans for dealing with dangers including internet porn, alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, and premarital sex. You'll see how to resist the impulse to overprotect your child - and gain insights to help you prepare him or her for the world of today and tomorrow.  
  Equipping Kits to Face Today's World- Workbook
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