Faith Lessons Vol. 6- In The Dust of the Rabbi Ray Vander Laan
Faith Lessons Vol. 6- In The Dust of the Rabbi
Ray Vander Laan
1. When the Rabbi Says, "Come" 28 MINS
2. When the Rabbi Says, "Go" 21 MINS
3. The Presence of God 24 MINS
4. Living Stones 21 MINS
5. The Very Words of God 29 MINS
Faith From A Distance

Do you ever feel like you are a follower of Jesus, but from a distance? "Follow a Rabbi, drink in his words, and be covered with the dust of his feet," says the ancient Jewish proverb. In Jesus' day, disciples followed their Rabbi so closely that they would be covered with the dust kicked up by the Rabbi's feet. Come, discover how you can get dusty and be closer to your Rabbi, Jesus, by doing what he does.

Five interactive sessions take you on a journey to the land and culture in which the disciples learned to follow Jesus.  
  In The Dust Of The Rabbi- Discovery Guide
  In The Dust Of The Rabbi- DVD
Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will Be Done.

God's story continues in this eleventh volume of Faith Lessons with the intense devotion of his people. Discover how their passionate faith prepares the way for Jesus and his ultimate act of obedience and sacrifice at the cross. Then, be challenged in your own life to live as they did- by every word that comes from the mouth of God.
1. The Way of the Essenes 30 MINS
2. The Way of John the Baptist 29 MINS
3. Into the Desert to Be Tested 30 MINS
4. The Last Passover 32 MINS
5. The Fifth Cup: Our Way of Hope 31 MINS
When The Hard Times Come

Are you going through a difficult period of life? The loss of a loved one? Unemployment? A crisis of faith? During those desert times, it's easy to think God has disappeared. Instead, discover that it's only when we are totally dependent on him that we find him closer than ever and can experience God's amazing grace and provision.
1. Join the Journey 12 MINS
2. It's Hot Here and There's No ... 30 MINS
3. Help is Here 31 MINS
4. When Your Heart Cries Out 22 MINS
5. They Were Not Wandering 26 MINS
6. Ears to Hear 21 MINS
7. There's Hope in the Desert 32 MINS
Experience the Bible for yourself! This in-depth video Bible study—shot on location and featuring teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan—will help you understand the New Testament better by giving you a better understanding of the Old Testament.

Learn from first-century disciples what it means to conquer the gates of hell. Visit the Grotto of Pan and the site of pagan worship. Recognize the dangers the disciples faced at Ephesus. Learn the subtle differences between a Christian worldview and humanism and how to make a difference in today's world.
1. Everything to Lose, Nothing to ... 29 MINS
2. The Salt of the Earth 24 MINS
3. Where Satan Lives 22 MINS
4. The Mark of the Beast 25 MINS
5. Hot or Cold 21 MINS
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