The Spirit of Excellence Chika Ossai-Ugbah
The Spirit of Excellence
Chika Ossai-Ugbah
Trailer 3 MINS
1. What Helps You Stand Out From ... 17 MINS
2. Godly Determination 12 MINS
3. The Reward In Standing For God 13 MINS
4. The Power In Godly Friendship 14 MINS
5. Develop A Faith Mindset 14 MINS
6. The Power Of Personal Prayer 15 MINS

It’s a word we commonly use every day to show approval and excitement. Yet what does it mean to be truly excellent? How can we excel at the tasks we are responsible for, make a difference and stand out? And, does being excellent by God’s standards qualify us for excellence in our ‘secular’ lives?

In this six-part series, (Rev.) Dr. Chika Ossai-Ugbah answers these questions by examining the life of four Hebrew refugee boys, better known as Daniel and his friends. Discover how you can cope with "culture" while adhering to God’s standards for holiness and excellence.
  The Spirit of Excellence
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