Irreplaceable Jim Putman
Jim Putman
Trailer 2 MINS
1. You’re Not Alone: Episode 1 10 MINS
2. What Our Kids Are Saying: ... 8 MINS
3. Look for The Signs: Episode 3 9 MINS
4. Bullying Today: Episode 4 9 MINS
5. Live for Tomorrow: Episode 5 10 MINS
6. Haley’s Story: Episode 6 16 MINS

In a Society filled with stress and anxiety, Suicide has become a topic that can no longer be avoided. In the last few years the suicide rate among teens has been at an all-time high across America. The Irreplaceable Project was born out of a desire to reduce the stigma of suicide and to generate open discussions that lead to relational connection, support and resources for help. Real Life Ministries, in partnership with Chi Rho Films and a local community school district, has developed a docuseries featuring teens and adults who have had personal experience with the devastating effects of suicide. The 6-episode docuseries and accompanying discussion guides is designed to provide the understanding and tools needed to begin honest, open discussions that can lead towards hope and change a life. Every one of us is IRREPLACEABLE

  Introduction and Leaders Guide
  You’re Not Alone: Episode 1 - Discussion Guide
  What Our Kids Are Saying: Episode 2 - Discussion Guide
  Look for The Signs: Episode 3 - Discussion Guide
  Bullying Today: Episode 4 - Discussion Guide
  Live for Tomorrow: Episode 5 - Discussion Guide
  Haley's Story: Episode 6 - Discussion Guide
Jim Putman
In the Runaway Series, Senior Pastor Jim Putman shares his life journey of going from being a prodigal child himself, to becoming the parent of a prodigal child. It is a powerful story of restoration, Biblical truths, and practical advice. Jim walks you through what he and his wife experienced when their oldest son left home to live a life filled with drugs and bad decisions that ultimately led him to life on the streets.

With personal wisdom that comes from experience, Jim speaks of the strength and power families can access from the Holy Spirit and through God’s people. He tells you how to welcome your prodigal back home when they return, and how to help them integrate back into the family and the church. This series will inspire, motivate and equip you to create a home that is hard to leave, but easy to come back to. 
Trailer 2 MINS
1. The Prodigal 7 MINS
2. A Church Home 6 MINS
3. Working With Your Spouse 8 MINS
4. Child Away 7 MINS
5. Child Returns 6 MINS
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