Talking with Your Kids about Jesus Natasha Crain
Talking with Your Kids about Jesus
Natasha Crain
Trailer 2 MINS
1. The Art of Family Faith ... 10 MINS
2. The Identity of Jesus—Is Jesus ... 15 MINS
3. The Teachings of Jesus—What Did ... 15 MINS
4. The Death of Jesus—What Did It ... 15 MINS
5. The Resurrection of ... 16 MINS
6. The Difference Jesus Makes—What ... 14 MINS

Homes where deep and meaningful faith conversations happen regularly aren’t the product of lucky parents. They’re the product of intentional parents who believe nothing is more important than raising kids to know and love Jesus. In this six-session series, author Natasha Crain offers parents tools and encouragement for creating low-grade, consistent efforts to clarify who Jesus is, why he matters, and how kids can live impacted by their faith in him.  

John Stonestreet
5 modules. 20 speakers. 5 bonus sessions. The world is changing so fast. How do you know what's still true? And how to live tomorrow, in a time when knowing you're right seems like it always damages relationships? What if you could learn how to plant your feet, see God's hand in the chaos, and be His instrument in love that even the biggest skeptic could feel? This is the call of the Christian life. This is Truth. Love. Together. 
1. Introduction 3 MINS
2. The Roots of the Present Crisis 24 MINS
3. What Is Truth and What Happened ... 27 MINS
4. How We Can Love Truth in a ... 26 MINS
5. Teaching Your Kids Truth in a ... 26 MINS
6. Panel Q&A 1 HR 8 MINS
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