The Flourishing Life Stephanie Beaulieu
The Flourishing Life
Stephanie Beaulieu
Trailer 1 MIN
1. A New Pattern 23 MINS
2. Softened by Surrender 41 MINS
3. The Reveal 27 MINS
4. Want That Works 29 MINS
5. Just Do It 35 MINS

We long to be transformed by truth, but so often we only feel informed by it. Truth lines the shelves of our minds but on our own, we can’t make it change our hearts. Much like the packed soil of a garden must be tilled after the weight of winter before it can be used, the path-like, rocky and thorny parts of our hearts must be cultivated in order for truth to take root and bear fruit.

As we unpack the Parable of the Sower, we’ll ask God to unearth our patterns, protective walls and pride that often hide our weaknesses, ways and wants so that His Word can transform the deepest parts of us that most desperately need Him. 

Our lives were made to bear much fruit, showing ourselves to be Jesus’ disciples, but not before roots. 

Begin studying today and learn to trust God with your weaknesses, ways and wants so you can spiritually flourish the way Jesus intended.

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