Road Trip to Truth Season 1 John Fabarez
Road Trip to Truth Season 1
John Fabarez
1. What is Truth? 26 MINS
2. Can Everybody be Right? 23 MINS
3. The People v. Truth 25 MINS
4. If You’re Just Matter, You ... 26 MINS
5. Everyday Proof Evolution is ... 28 MINS
6. Explain This, Atheists! 23 MINS
7. Do We Still Need God? 26 MINS
8. The Most Reliable Book on Earth 25 MINS
9. Christianity is Logical? 25 MINS
10. Getting the Good News Right 29 MINS
11. Access Denied: Christianity’s ... 24 MINS
12. Anxiety and Depression: The ... 28 MINS
13. The (Practically) Secret ... 25 MINS

Take a 2000 year old question, throw in a mix of Gen Z college students, a healthy serving of experts, a dash of animation, and what do you get?

Road Trip to Truth, a series that seeks to teach us that the answers to life's biggest questions are never that far off.

Join host John Fabarez on his journey to find answers on the topics of evolution, depression, the reliability of the Bible, the existence of God, the veracity of the Bible, and of course, truth itself.

Be careful, though. This is not a trip to grandma’s house. There’s a risk to taking this road trip. It may cause you to change your mind!

So buckle up, grab your favorite gas station snacks, and prepare yourself for every twist and turn on Road Trip to Truth.

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