All My Friends Have Issues Amanda Anderson
All My Friends Have Issues
Amanda Anderson
1. If Jesus Loves Me, You Can Too 14 MINS
2. Make “New” Friends: The Loving ... 20 MINS
3. You Can Be Right or You Can Be ... 15 MINS
4. Reading the Red Flags: ... 16 MINS
5. Build Me Up, Buttercup: Killing ... 18 MINS
6. Walk Into the Light: The ... 18 MINS
7. Let a Righteous Friend Rebuke ... 18 MINS
8. The Friends that Pray Together ... 18 MINS

We all crave safe, life-giving friendships, and yet many of us are confused about how to build them and afraid of the inherent risks involved. In the All My Friends Have Issues small group study, author and speaker Amanda Anderson incorporates Biblical truth with psychological research to help women define what healthy relationships look like, how to nurture them, and how to maintain healthy boundaries within close friendships. Built on the foundations of authenticity, encouragement, and accountability that are outlined in Scripture, these friendships can be a great source of joy, comfort, and spiritual growth. And in turn, these healthy female friendships become a foundation for healthy communities and church bodies. 

All My Friends Have Issues includes:

  • 8 video sessions of teaching 
  • Leader’s guide
  • Downloadable participant workbook with lesson notes, 3 days of devotionals per week, and group discussion questions 

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Amanda Anderson

In The Bridge: A Biblical Introduction to the Twelve Steps, author and Christian recovery teacher Amanda Anderson demonstrates the tremendous power of the Twelve Step model to change the lives of Christian men and women. Though Christian communities sometimes view the Twelve Steps as a secular approach to recovery, Amanda shows how the model, based on the teachings of Jesus, the Proverbs, and the book of James, is a slow-growth, step-by-step guide to connecting with God’s love and maturing in character. Whether they struggle with relationship issues, depression and anxiety, compulsive eating, substance abuse, addiction to pornography or other unwanted sexual behavior, participants will find real hope and a path forward into long-term spiritual health. In these sessions, Amanda will also help equip pastors and church staff to disciple those they lead into their next steps toward recovery.

1. Introduction 7 MINS
2. Grace (Step One) 12 MINS
3. Hope and Surrender (Steps Two ... 13 MINS
4. Community (Steps Four and Five) 15 MINS
5. Renewal (Steps Six, Seven, and ... 17 MINS
6. Forgiveness, Renewal, Repeat ... 12 MINS
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