Overcome Academy Evan Owens
Overcome Academy
Evan Owens
1. Introduction 21 MINS
2. Overcoming the “Curse” of ... 24 MINS
3. Difficult Conversations Made ... 24 MINS
4. Helping Out and Not Burning Out 25 MINS
5. What Does “Healed” Look Like? 19 MINS

Through Overcome Academy, train yourself and your team how to help people overcome trauma and mental health challenges.

Not everyone can be a heart surgeon, but we can all learn CPR to save a life. The same is true when it comes to helping those who have faced a traumatic experience.

While very few of us are called to be certified counselors, everyone should have the basic training needed to respond to someone who is dealing with tragedy, mental health struggles, abuse or trauma – especially Christians.

What You’ll Learn at Overcome Academy:

  • How to respond with confidence to hurting friends and family. No more guessing what to say. Your leaders will feel confident and competent responding to hurting people.
  • How to help people reframe their trauma and grow through it. We’ll show you the three critical stages of the healing process and how your church is the ideal place to help hurting people experience healing that lasts.
  • How to have tough conversations that bring lasting change and healing. We’ll teach you a proven formula to successfully navigate difficult conversations without hurting anyone in the process.
  • How to support people without burning out. Over a decade of training peer-leaders has uncovered five techniques that anyone can use to reduce burnout. Empower your team to help others without hurting themselves.
  • How to manage crisis situations effectively. We’ll train you team how to respond to people in crisis or those struggling with suicide. No more panic or fear.
  Overcome Academy - Workbook
Through REBOOT Combat Recovery, combat veterans and their families are winning the fight against combat trauma.

Our faith-based trauma healing course is designed to address the spiritual and moral wounds of war. At REBOOT locates across the country, military families are healing, divorce rates are dropping, medication abuse is decreasing, and suicide numbers are being reduced.
1. A Wounded Soul 15 MINS
2. The Roots of Trauma 17 MINS
3. Be Free 20 MINS
4. The Cost of Unforgiveness 22 MINS
5. When You've Loved and Lost 20 MINS
6. Made On Purpose 22 MINS
7. Closing 4 MINS
Through REBOOT, first responders and their families are finding renewed purpose and revived optimism.

Our faith-based stress and trauma healing journey is designed to address the spiritual and moral toll that critical incidents take on those with the law enforcement, firefighter and EMS communities. Together we can see families heal, divorce rates drop, substance abuse decrease and suicide numbers reduced.

1. The Gateways of Trauma 10 MINS
2. Change the Roots, Change the ... 14 MINS
3. Purpose In Your Pain 15 MINS
4. Guilt and Innocence 14 MINS
5. Forgiven and Forgiving 15 MINS
6. Your True Identity 15 MINS
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