The Peaceful Caregiver Mary Tutterow
The Peaceful Caregiver
Mary Tutterow
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Introduction 4 MINS
2. Exploring Peace 10 MINS
3. Finding Our True ID 9 MINS
4. Life in the Spirit 8 MINS
5. Practicing Peace: Part One 8 MINS
6. Practicing Peace: Part Two 7 MINS
7. Making Peace 9 MINS
8. Peace with Self 8 MINS
9. Peace with Others 9 MINS
10. Peace with Time and Transition 12 MINS

Peace is possible…regardless of your circumstances. When you are a family caregiver, that may seem impossible, but anything is possible with God.

Fellow caregiver, author and teacher, Mary Tutterow shares insights from scripture and her personal experiences from more than 25 years as a caregiver. She offers instruction on how to “practice” peace for immediate and long-lasting results. As you move through the difficult emotions and responsibilities associated with caring for loved ones, discover how God wants to care for you. His peace is waiting for you. You can get from stressed to blessed.

The Peaceful Caregiver™ is the second study in a ministry resource series dedicated to supporting caregivers by addressing issues specific to their spiritual needs. In addition to meeting the spiritual needs of caregivers, The Heart of the Caregiver® study series aims to equip local churches with quality resources as they minister to families caring for those with chronic illness, disability, mental illness, or age-related issues.

  The Heart of the Caregiver - Website
  The Peaceful Caregiver - Website
  The Heart of the Caregiver - Study Guide
  The Peaceful Caregiver - Study Guide
Overwhelmed by the responsibilities and emotions of caring for a loved one with exceptional needs? Caregiving can be very difficult and consuming work. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed, isolated and stressed. The Heart of the Caregiver™ was written to connect you to the life-giving comfort and support found in scripture. This 10-week study offers a deep dive into scripture, encourages journaling, and provides probing questions and beautiful, heart-felt prayers. You will come to see yourself, your situation and the person you care for in a whole new way – through the light of God’s amazing love!
1. Introduction 2 MINS
2. Chapter One – Gaining Clarity 6 MINS
3. Chapter Two – The Honor of the ... 5 MINS
4. Chapter Three – Part 1 – God is ... 7 MINS
5. Chapter Three – Part 2 – God is ... 7 MINS
6. Chapter Four – You Are Loved 8 MINS
7. Chapter Five – You Are Chosen 6 MINS
8. Chapter Six – You are Equipped 4 MINS
9. Chapter Seven – Witness to Love 4 MINS
10. Chapter Eight – It is Christ ... 5 MINS
11. Chapter Nine – Heavenly Focus 3 MINS
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