The Prayer Course II: Unanswered Prayer Pete Greig
The Prayer Course II: Unanswered Prayer
Pete Greig
1. God on Mute - Engaging the ... 30 MINS
2. Maundy Thursday - How am I ... 35 MINS
3. Good Friday - Why Aren't my ... 36 MINS
4. Holy Saturday - Where is God ... 29 MINS
5. Easter Sunday - When will my ... 29 MINS

The Prayer Course II: Unanswered Prayer is a five-week small group resource from 24-7 Prayer; a follow up to The Prayer Course, which reached over 3 million people in its first year.

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Prayer Course II: Unanswered Prayer is an opportunity for groups to process pain and disappointment; to ask truthful and significant questions of faith; and to unite in the face of uncertainty towards healing and hope.

Join 24-7 founder Pete Greig and BAFTA award-winning TV presenter Gemma Hunt as they journey through the final days of Jesus, asking some of the hardest and most personal questions we face as Christians, such as “How am I going to get through this?”,“Why aren’t my prayers being answered?” and “Where is God when heaven is silent?”

Each of the five sessions will also feature an exclusive interview with a special guest: pastor and author Bob Sorge, broadcaster Simon Thomas, activist and Church planter Ladan Nouri, Gospel singer Helen Berhane, and 24-7 Prayer Ireland’s former National leader Alain Emerson.

The Prayer Course II: Unanswered Prayer draws on themes from Pete Greig’s book, God on Mute and has been designed to be run alongside the book.

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Pete Greig
An eight session journey through the Lord's Prayer.
Conversation, testimony and teaching to help you, and your community, to grow and deepen your prayer life, one week at a time.
1. Why Pray? "Lord, teach us to ... 20 MINS
2. Adoration "Our Father in ... 19 MINS
3. Petition "Give us this day our ... 20 MINS
4. Intercession "Your kingdom ... 21 MINS
5. Unanswered Prayer "Your will be ... 24 MINS
6. Contemplation "On earth as it ... 23 MINS
7. Listening "Give us today our ... 21 MINS
8. Spiritual Warfare "Deliver us ... 27 MINS
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