Series Introduction 3 MINS
1. Introduction 5 MINS
2. Child Sexual Abuse and Familial ... 5 MINS
3. Boys and Internet Grooming 5 MINS
4. Adult Entertainment and ... 6 MINS
5. Sexting to Sextortion 7 MINS
6. Boyfriending? 5 MINS
7. Why Don't They Leave? 6 MINS
8. Survivor Identification and ... 4 MINS
9. Prevention and Protecting Your ... 6 MINS
10. Hope. Freedom. Future 4 MINS

OnWatch™ is a survivor-led education platform designed to empower you to spot, report, and prevent trafficking where you live, work, and play. Through true survivor experiences, industry experts explain the key indicators of trafficking, as well as how you can support a survivor’s path to freedom. 

Survivor identification is only at one percent in the United States. However, you can help break the cycle of exploitation and protect future generations by recognizing and reporting suspected trafficking. You can enable healing for survivors and give them hope for the future.


Survivor leader Julie Whitehead shared, “I was someone’s neighbor. I volunteered in a school classroom. I passed people at the grocery store and the park. There were signs someone could have noticed, things that didn’t look right. They could have saved me sooner. You can still save someone else. Trafficking will be brought to its knees by regular people in our communities watching out for each other. OnWatch™ trains heroes.”

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