Quick Answers about Salvation with Valentine Davidar Valentine Davidar
Quick Answers about Salvation with Valentine Davidar
Valentine Davidar
1. What is Salvation? 3 MINS
2. How can I be Saved? 2 MINS
3. I'm Saved!! (But what do I do ... 2 MINS
4. Saved but Struggling 3 MINS

In this series of Quick Answers, Valentine Davidar takes us through a simple series of understanding of God’s greatest gift of Salvation and how we can receive it through faith in Christ Jesus . He also deals with the common struggles that a saved person goes through and also provides us simple answer of how to overcome it 

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Valentine Davidar
We live in a world that with changing values. We are constantly inundated by voices and images, pressuring us to achieve more, buy more, be more at any cost. During these days of human history, we are witnesses to the growth of deception that has actually plagued the Church through the centuries.

It is easy to lose ourselves and the primary purpose for which God made us. Worse yet, we can find ourselves leading lives of duplicity. In this six-part Bible study, Valentine Davidar challenges viewers to examine their lives in accordance with the biblical principles. And he will give tools to help people grow in maturity in the Lord and so be made whole. 
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Loving God 9 MINS
2. The Inner Person 10 MINS
3. Dethroning Self 9 MINS
4. Overcoming Materialism 10 MINS
5. Sexual Wholeness 10 MINS
6. Singleness of Purpose 10 MINS
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