The Journey Dave Cornes
The Journey
Dave Cornes
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Wilderness 9 MINS
2. Night Sky 10 MINS
3. Stopover 8 MINS
4. Storm 10 MINS
5. Crossing 10 MINS
6. Journey's end 12 MINS

Life is like a journey. Life is like a story.

Where will your journey finish? How will your story end?

The Bible takes us on an epic journey from our brokenness and death to restoration and life. It describes the story of a king of an amazing Kingdom, who gives his life to save ours.

The Journey: the story of the Bible from Creation to New Creation is an overview of the whole Bible brought to you by Video Bible Talks.

Over six episodes we'll see how the story of the Bible can be our story; how it's journey can be our journey.

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