Word in Brief Rajiv Chelladurai
Word in Brief
Rajiv Chelladurai
1. Purpose 8 MINS
2. D.R.E.A.M. 7 MINS
3. The Elijah's Prayer 6 MINS
4. With God nothing's wasted 3 MINS
5. Four Principles to navigate ... 6 MINS
6. Why are you so fearful 6 MINS
7. What's the Plan 8 MINS
8. Remember to forget 7 MINS
9. Fervent Prayer 4 MINS
10. Crossover 6 MINS
11. The Empty Tomb 4 MINS
12. God orders your steps 4 MINS
13. You aren't forgotten 5 MINS

Speaker:   Rajiv Chelladurai
Publisher:   Rajiv Chelladurai - 2020
bible, christian, doctrine, living, plan, prayer, purpose, truth

Word in Brief is a series which contains nuggets of truth from the Bible. Each of these nuggets aim to enlighten, inspire and empower the viewer to live and act in faith. In this series, Rajiv brings out truths from God’s Word in a manner that can be easily understood and applied to everyday living.


Speaker:   Rajiv Chelladurai
Publisher:   Rajiv Chelladurai - 2020
bible, christian, doctrine, living, plan, prayer, purpose, truth
OTHER SERIES WITH Rajiv Chelladurai
Rajiv Chelladurai

Being intentional about our goals is a well-understood concept in the secular and corporate world. Generally, people who are more intentional about what they need to accomplish are more likely to get things done and be far more successful.

But is finding our life’s purpose just about getting through a checklist? Or is there something far greater at stake? What should we do to fulfill God’s agenda for us and how?

In this four-part series, author, business consultant, and coach Rajiv Chelladurai helps us answer these questions by examining “four Ps” of finding your purpose.

Trailer 3 MINS
1. What Are You Here For? 10 MINS
2. How Do You Find Your Purpose? ... 11 MINS
3. How Do You Find Your Purpose? ... 10 MINS
4. When It All Comes Together 10 MINS
Rajiv Chelladurai

This teaching addresses the important godly characteristics that Christians should seek to reflect in their personal lives to impact the people around them. The teaching also portrays many attributes of God the Father in dealing with His children. It challenges hearers to demonstrate the same attributes in relating to those placed under their care.

1. 7 Habits of a Godly Father 22 MINS
Rajiv Chelladurai

Leadership Vocabulary is a series of short talks on topics that influence the principles and character of a leader. These simple yet profound thoughts greatly influence the leadership journey— leveraging and shaping the life of a leader and leaving behind a remarkable legacy in the lives of followers and disciples. In this 10-part series, Rajiv walks you through important leadership traits that could help you fan into flames your latent leadership skills.

1. Momentum 3 MINS
2. Habits 2 MINS
3. Value 1 MIN
4. Are you Listening 1 MIN
5. Service 1 MIN
6. Purpose 1 MIN
7. Significance 1 MIN
8. Emotional Expression 1 MIN
9. Ego 1 MIN
10. Feedback 1 MIN
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