Nurturing Your Faith: Called Michael Zeigler
Nurturing Your Faith: Called
Michael Zeigler
Nurturing Your Faith: Called 2 MINS
1. Session 1 13 MINS
2. Session 2 10 MINS
3. Session 3 12 MINS
4. Session 4 11 MINS

God calls us to faith through His Word, through Baptism, through Communion, and through the witness of faithful Christians. In Nurturing Your Faith: Called, a four-session Bible study based on Ephesians, learners will see how God's call changes us and shapes us into His people. Called from the world to be new creations, by faith we recognize God at work in our lives. There will be challenges; however, as we find our voice to speak the truth in love, the world will try to silence us. Thankfully, it is God's Spirit who empowers us, giving us the words to say.

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