Renewing Virtue Charles Colson
Renewing Virtue
Charles Colson
1. Introduction 8 MINS
2. Courage 5 MINS
3. Prudence 4 MINS
4. Temperance 5 MINS
5. Justice 4 MINS
6. Faith 5 MINS
7. Hope 6 MINS
8. Love 7 MINS
Renewing Virtue is a study devoted to refocusing on the distinguishing marks of the followers of Jesus Christ. 

Renewing Virtue is an introduction and overview of the cardinal virtues: courage, wisdom, temperance, justice; and three theological virtues: faith, hope, and love.

This series heralds a resounding call for renewing these virtues in our day. 
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What is the Christian's civic responsibility?

What does the Bible say about faith and our duty to the government?

This study examines the role of Christians to help the work of good government, a government consistent with the teachings of God. Watch Chuck Colson guide us through knowing and advancing our civic responsibilities as part of our higher calling.

Series includes four (4) topics:

Part 1: The Government We Seek Provides an overview of a Biblical view of the purpose of government.

Part 2: The Christian and Public Service Examines the various ways Christians can have a role in helping to make sure that government functions according to the parameters outlined in God's Word.

Part 3: Opposing Caesar Explains why it is sometimes necessary to stand against government, and how the Christian worldview can expect to clash with the dominant worldview of our day.

Part 4: When Not to Obey Helps us to understand when civil disobedience might be necessary and what recourse is available when it is.
1. The Government We Seek 3 MINS
2. The Christian and Public ... 4 MINS
3. Opposing Caesar 3 MINS
4. When Not to Obey 6 MINS
Charles Colson
Doing the Right Thing explores the ethical and moral breakdown that is assaulting culture from all sides. Through panel discussion, interviews, and student questions, this video study hosted by Brit Hume raises ethical issues in a compelling and fresh way, stimulating thought, discussion, and action. The six sessions and study guide encourage participants to examine themselves and how ethical and character issues relate to their lives at home, school, and the workplace.

Panelists and guests include: Chuck Colson, Robert George, Joni Eareckson Tada, Ben Stein, Brit Hume, and many others.
1. How Did We Get into This Mess? 32 MINS
2. Is There Truth, A Moral Law We ... 32 MINS
3. If We Know What Is Right, Can ... 35 MINS
4. What Does It Mean to Be Human? 31 MINS
5. Ethics in the Market Place 30 MINS
6. Ethics in Public Life 32 MINS
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