Outrageous Justice
Outrageous Justice
1. Introduction 19 MINS
2. Justice that Responds 18 MINS
3. Justice that Listens 22 MINS
4. Justice that Fits 20 MINS
5. Justice that Transforms 23 MINS
6. Justice that Redeems 22 MINS

Awakening Christians to the Need for Justice that Restores

God calls His people to seek justice. But given the complexities of our criminal justice system, how can the followers of Jesus have a clear understanding of criminal justice issues and take action to promote peace and restoration?

Developed by subject-matter experts at Prison Fellowship®, Outrageous Justice is a free small-group study that explores the criminal justice system through a biblical lens, current events, and personal stories. Outrageous Justice is designed to awaken Christians to the need for justice that restores, then activate them to respond.

Participants are equipped and encouraged to care for those affected by crime and incarceration—victims, prisoners, returning citizens, and their families—and to advocate for justice reforms. 

To get the most out of the study, download the free study guide and action steps below from Prison Fellowship’s website.

  Free Study Guide and Action Steps
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