Parenting Albert Mohler
Albert Mohler
1. Parenting and the Church 26 MINS
2. Parenting Evangelists 30 MINS
3. Parenting in Chaos 32 MINS
4. Parenting Missionaries 27 MINS
5. Parenting Teenagers 46 MINS
6. Parenting Doctrine 26 MINS
7. Parenting with Hope 24 MINS
8. Parenting Yourself 26 MINS

In this conference video series from The Gospel Coalition, watch as Al Mohler, Jen Wilkin, Benjamin Watson, Danny Akin, Paul Tripp, and more address various aspects of Christian parenting. 

Don Carson
En esta sección, diferentes gigantes de la fe nos hablarán acerca de la suficiencia de las Escrituras, el liderazgo y, la predicación como agente de transformación entre otros temas importantes para todo líder. 
1. La suficiencia de las ... 58 MINS
2. Liderazgo en nuestros días 56 MINS
3. La predicación como un agente ... 1 HR 12 MINS
4. La predicación en nuestros días ... 56 MINS
Albert Mohler
When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, little did they know that they would be given a model for prayer that would be used for generations. In this series, popular teacher and author Albert Mohler shows that although the pattern of prayer Jesus provides is few in words, it is massive in meaning. The Lord's Prayer reflects true theology and proper doxology—a perfect guide for our own lives.
1. Teach Us to Pray 24 MINS
2. Two Models of Prayer 25 MINS
3. Our Father 24 MINS
4. A Holy Name 25 MINS
5. City of God 24 MINS
6. Thy Word Be Done 23 MINS
7. Presence of the Kingdom 25 MINS
8. Daily Dependence 24 MINS
9. Forgiven & Forgiving 23 MINS
10. Cause Us to Flee 23 MINS
11. A Desperate Plea 24 MINS
12. Forever Victorious 23 MINS
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