1. Hard things happen 7 MINS
2. Need for forgiveness 5 MINS
3. How to forgive 6 MINS
4. Relationships 4 MINS
5. Breaking ground 4 MINS

The weight of unforgiveness often manifests in anger, bitterness, resentment, damaged communities, or lost relationships - bringing hurt into our lives and to those around us. It can prevent us from being able to process our painful experiences. But there is freedom available, hope to be found, and a light that can lead us to emotional healing and wholeness in Christ.

‘Light’ is a 5-part devotional series, written by Tutapona and inspired by those we serve in Uganda and Iraq. We have been honored to be able to walk alongside them, providing mental health services and helping them find healing and hope in the midst of hardship. We are excited to share some of the lessons we have learned through our ministry over the past decade with you. 

In this video series, led by Co-founders Carl and Julie Gaede, you’ll hear powerful and moving testimonies from people who have lived through war and conflict, as they share about the important role of forgiveness in their own healing process. The downloadable workbook offers additional scripture, activities, and reflection points for you and your small group to be able dig deeper into these topics of forgiveness together. 

These lessons cross cultures, nations and experiences. They bring out the hope of the Gospel and the principals written in scripture that take us on the journey to wholeness, restoring us to who God created us to be. We believe every person deserves to live in the peace and freedom of Christ and that through faith, #WeWillBeHealed. 

  Free Devotional Handbook
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