Zúme Training
Zúme Training
1. God Uses Ordinary People 3 MINS
2. Simple Definition of Disciple ... 4 MINS
3. Spiritual Breathing is Hearing ... 6 MINS
4. SOAPS Bible Reading 3 MINS
5. Accountability Groups 1 MIN
6. Producer vs. Consumer Lifestyle ... 6 MINS
7. How to Spend an Hour in Prayer 2 MINS
8. Relational Stewardship 1 MIN
9. The Kingdom Economy 3 MINS
10. The Gospel and How to Share It 5 MINS
11. Baptism and How To Do It 2 MINS
12. Prepare Your 3-Minute Testimony ... 2 MINS
13. Vision Casting the Greatest ... 5 MINS
14. Duckling Discipleship–Leading ... 3 MINS
15. Eyes to See Where the Kingdom ... 6 MINS
16. The Lord’s Supper and How to ... 2 MINS
17. Prayer Walking and How to Do It ... 5 MINS
18. A Person of Peace and How to ... 6 MINS
19. Faithfulness is Better than ... 3 MINS
20. 3/3 Group Meeting Pattern 12 MINS
21. Training Cycle for Maturing ... 4 MINS
22. Leadership Cells 2 MINS
23. Expect Non-Sequential Growth 4 MINS
24. Pace of Multiplication Matters 3 MINS
25. Always a Part of Two Churches 4 MINS
26. Coaching Checklist 1 MIN
27. Leadership in Networks 4 MINS
28. Peer Mentoring 4 MINS

Publisher:   Zúme - 2017
disciple, disciples, discipleship, multiply, training, yeast, zume

Zúme Training is an online and in-life learning experience designed for small groups who follow Jesus to learn how to obey His Great Commission and make disciples who multiply. Zúme means yeast in Greek. In Matthew 13:33, Jesus is quoted as saying, "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a woman who took yeast and mixed it into a large amount of flour until it was all leavened." This illustrates how ordinary people, using ordinary resources, can have an extraordinary impact for the Kingdom of God. Zúme aims to equip and empower ordinary believers to saturate the globe with multiplying disciples in our generation. If you want to get the full Zúme experience, go to www.zume.training to access the free training, launch a group, or request a coach. Join the Zúme community of practice for those who want to saturate the world with multiplying disciples in our generation by going to www.zume.vision.

  Zúme Guidebook 3.0

Publisher:   Zúme - 2017
disciple, disciples, discipleship, multiply, training, yeast, zume
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