Walking With God In a Pandemic Brett Clemmer
Walking With God In a Pandemic
Brett Clemmer
1. When It Seems Like Jesus Shows ... 25 MINS
2. How You Can Conquer Coronavirus ... 23 MINS
3. Trusting Through Turmoil 20 MINS
4. What To Pray In Times Of ... 23 MINS
5. Satisfying That Ache For More ... 23 MINS
6. The Way Forward 19 MINS

Have you had times in your life when you’ve prayed so earnestly for God to intervene and it seemed like he left you to handle it on your own? As we are surrounded by all that COVID-19 brings–illness, death, economic hardship and uncertainty–where is God? Why would he let this happen? Doesn't He care that hospitals are full, health care professionals are overloaded, people are losing their jobs? Why won’t He–or why can’t He–just heal us right now? What is He waiting for? 

Here’s the promise: Jesus is here in the perfect time with the perfect solution. He loves us deeply. He grieves when we grieve and rejoices when we rejoice. No other God is like our God. But still...sometimes you just wish he’d make himself known just a little bit sooner. 

Join Brett Clemmer, Patrick Morley, and Khayree Pender as we learn from the Bible important lessons for Walking with God in a Pandemic

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