Creating a Missional Culture JR Woodward
Creating a Missional Culture
JR Woodward
Trailer 4 MINS
1. Apostle - Dream Awakener 2 MINS
2. Prophet - Heart Revealer 2 MINS
3. Evangelist - Story Teller 2 MINS
4. Pastor - Soul Healer 2 MINS
5. Teacher - Light Giver 2 MINS
For many pastors, the idea of adding another thing to their already overflowing plates is enough to make them want to just give up. These pastors feel overwhelmed as they contemplate their calling: to preach, to teach, to cast vision, to evangelize, to inspire, to console, to challenge, to encourage, to stand with the poor, to love their families, and to somehow get enough rest to get up and do it all again. Overworked and undersupported, the pastor-as-one-man-band model is cleary not sustainable.

Fortunately, missiologist and church planter JR Woodward has provided a manual for struggling pastors everywhere. Creating a Missional Culture will give pastors the practical tools they need to lead more effectively and to spread the responsibilities of ministry and mission more evenly between themselves and the laity.
  Creating a Missional Culture- Book
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