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Stories are powerful. When we read the Bible, 35% of everything Jesus said was taught through stories, or parables. 35%!! Back in the first century, people couldn’t read or write, so stories were how truth was shared. But even today, where literacy rates exceed 99%, stories are still amazingly captivating. What is Netflix but a collection of stories? And inside of every story, every movie, every song, every film is a message the author wants you to hear. And while Hollywood puts out a few good ones, Jesus’ stories, his parables, are among the best known and most influential stories in the world. Even if people know nothing of Jesus, they’ve still heard his stories or the impact of expressions like “prodigal” or “good Samaritan.” Jesus was the master storyteller and apart from personal experience, there’s no faster way to learn.
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Ray R. Harris
Relationships are tricky, and that's an understatement. We really up the ante when we talk about family relationships. When a couple gets married, there are a lot of people involved in that marriage. I don't just mean the wedding ceremony, but the actual marriage. There's his family going back a couple of generations. There's her family going back a couple of generations. Then, there is their family when they start adding children. It's complication upon complication.

But, despite the complexity, family is a wonderful gift! Maybe you don't think so right now? Maybe you're up in the middle of the night changing diapers? Perhaps you're up in the middle of the night waiting for your teenager to come home? Let's be honest: Despite these things, you wouldn't trade your family for anything.

A man and woman fall in love, and then the problems start. Couples go into marriage believing they have so much in common and that love will conquer all only to find out that they are very different from each other and that it takes commitment to make a marriage work.

When kids enter the scene, it doesn't make the relationship easier. It escalates everything.

Being married and raising kids doesn't happen on autopilot. There is "Some Assembly Required". I hope as we explore God's Word together, we will learn to use some new tools that will help to produce great relationships to your family.
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