Jesus in the Secular World Ben Pierce
Jesus in the Secular World
Ben Pierce
Trailer 4 MINS
1. Open Your Eyes 6 MINS
2. Pray Like Never Before 14 MINS
3. Change My Cold Hard Heart 12 MINS
4. Speak The Right Language 6 MINS
5. Show Them, Then Tell Them 6 MINS
6. Don’t Assume They Assume 11 MINS
7. No Cross, No Power 11 MINS
8. Take a Step 13 MINS
In the Jesus in the Secular World small group study, Ben Pierce combines vivid illustrations from years of front-line ministry with practical Biblical principles for how we can reach the secular world.

This 8-part series is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the secular mindset, inspire personal revival, and equip you with practical next steps to engage the secular world with the powerful Gospel message relevantly. 
  Jesus in the Secular World Small Group PDF
  Jesus in the Secular World: Reaching a Culture in Crisis
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