Leadership Development
Leadership Development
1. Calling All Christian Leaders 3 MINS
2. The Importance of Good ... 4 MINS
3. Biblical Foundations for ... 8 MINS
4. Models of Christian Leadership 7 MINS
5. Keys to Unlocking Effective ... 7 MINS
6. God is Raising Up Global ... 5 MINS
7. Leadership Challenges within ... 6 MINS
8. Raising Younger Leaders for the ... 7 MINS
9. A Challenge to Seasoned ... 4 MINS
10. Following Jesus, Our Model ... 4 MINS
Leadership development is an important aspect of personal and societal transformation. It engages leaders in changing systems, structures, and people. Leadership development should not be confined inside church walls but should go beyond so that the gospel will reach the world. We will not succeed in world evangelization when we do not think deeply about leadership character, competence, and strategies. Developing leaders is found in Scripture and is an integral part of what it means to follow Jesus as Lord. 
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