Trailer 2 MINS
1. The Prodigal Story 6 MINS
2. Lies vs Truth 6 MINS
3. The People of God 6 MINS
4. Discipleship 7 MINS
5. The Return 7 MINS
In the Prodigal Series, Youth Pastor Christian Putman shares the journey of his deep dive into the life of a prodigal. As he walked down the path of struggle, pain and sexual abuse, he walked into life as an addict. As a kid making adult decisions, he became homeless and alone. He eventually came to a point in his life when he had lost family, friends, church and even his own mind.
When Christian finally hit bottom, he found acceptance and love in the last place he expected. He believed God could never take him back because of how far away he had strayed, but like the prodigal son in the Bible story he was welcomed back with love and grace. This series will make the story of the prodigal leap off of the page and into the current culture, and remind you that the Father is always waiting to welcome him home. 
  Prodigal Study Guide
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