Getting Started in International Ministry
Getting Started in International Ministry
1. Choy: Life Without Friends 4 MINS
2. Embracing World Leaders in Our ... 15 MINS
3. Reaching the Nations Here and ... 19 MINS
4. Overcoming Barriers 11 MINS
5. Entering Multiple Cultures 19 MINS
6. Hosting Students for the ... 14 MINS
7. Hosting Students for the ... 3 MINS
8. Establishing Trust 17 MINS
9. Connecting the Gospel to Life 16 MINS
10. Writing Your Personal Testimony 17 MINS
11. Becoming Aware of Your Own ... 16 MINS
12. Developing Christ-like Leaders 20 MINS
13. Using Hospitality to Share the ... 15 MINS
There are 1.8 million international students in North America, 5 million worldwide. Additionally, there are millions more refugees, immigrants, and temporary residents living here. Many of these individuals come from hard to reach gospel resistant countries. When they arrive in North America, they often face loneliness and isolation. They are not familiar with American culture and customs and may struggle with speaking English. Befriending and sharing the gospel with internationals is a way that anyone can be involved in reaching the nations without even needing a passport

If you are new to ministering to internationals or thinking you might want to start, our beginner course will help you take those first steps. Designed for those with 1 year of experience or less, this course will give you the confidence you need to start befriending internationals and the ability to have spiritual conversations along the way.

What you’ll learn:
  • Why internationals matter to God
  • How to enter a culture different than your own
  • How to share spiritual truths, including your testimony
  • Some basics of discipleship
In addition to courses and video lessons; downloadable notes and discussion/reflection questions are available at when you register for a free account. 
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