Growing in International Ministry
Growing in International Ministry
1. Saule: Russian Fairytale 5 MINS
2. Engaging the Unengaged 21 MINS
3. Changing How You View Missions 11 MINS
4. Understanding and Reaching ... 16 MINS
5. Understanding and Reaching ... 16 MINS
6. Understanding and Reaching ... 8 MINS
7. Building Friendships Across ... 16 MINS
8. Explaining the Gospel to ... 10 MINS
9. Leading a Transferable Bible ... 15 MINS
10. Preparing Your Disciples to ... 18 MINS
11. Developing Christ-like Leaders 20 MINS
12. Praying with and for ... 18 MINS
13. Starting an ISM at a Local ... 16 MINS
Reaching internationals is a strategic and effective way to reach the nations. People today are more mobile than ever. Neighbors, co-workers, and others you cross paths with daily are from diverse countries and cultures.

If you’ve already spent time investing in internationals our intermediate course will help you grow in your ministry effectiveness. Designed for those with 1-4 years of experience or for those that have completed “Getting Started in International Ministry”, this course will move you forward from where you have felt stuck and will challenge you to take new steps of faith.

What you’ll learn:
  • Insight into unreached people groups
  • Detailed approaches to reaching three people groups
  • New tools for ministry
  • The unique discipleship needs of an international 
In addition to courses and video lessons; downloadable notes and discussion/reflection questions are available at when you register for a free account. 
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