Multiplying in International Ministry
Multiplying in International Ministry
1. Andrea: God of Every Tribe 3 MINS
2. Loving the Foreigner 15 MINS
3. Changing How You View Missions 11 MINS
4. Immersing in South Asian ... 14 MINS
5. Relating to Muslim Women 13 MINS
6. Becoming Transcultural 11 MINS
7. Explaining the Gospel to ... 10 MINS
8. Leading a Transferable Bible ... 15 MINS
9. Engaging in Spiritual Warfare 17 MINS
10. Producing Lifelong Laborers 13 MINS
11. Working with the University 14 MINS
12. DELETE < 1 MIN
North Americans are not the only ones that can reach internationals. Christian internationals are also called by God to live out their faith, not only when they return to their home country but while they are in North America too. We must teach internationals how God can use them to expand his kingdom

If you’ve spent significant time with internationals, perhaps even lived overseas, our advanced course will challenge your assumptions about international ministry. Designed for those with 4 plus years of experience or those that have completed “Growing in International Ministry”, this course will help you dive deeper into the lives of internationals so that you can love them as Christ does.

What you’ll learn:
  • Traits of an effective minister
  • Deep cultural insights of three people groups
  • New tools for ministry
  • Common challenges faced by those in international ministry 
In addition to courses and video lessons; downloadable notes and discussion/reflection questions are available at when you register for a free account. 
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