The Prayer Course Pete Greig
The Prayer Course
Pete Greig
1. Why Pray? "Lord, teach us to ... 20 MINS
2. Adoration "Our Father in ... 19 MINS
3. Petition "Give us this day our ... 20 MINS
4. Intercession "Your kingdom ... 21 MINS
5. Unanswered Prayer "Your will be ... 24 MINS
6. Contemplation "On earth as it ... 23 MINS
7. Listening "Give us today our ... 21 MINS
8. Spiritual Warfare "Deliver us ... 27 MINS
An eight session journey through the Lord's Prayer.
Conversation, testimony and teaching to help you, and your community, to grow and deepen your prayer life, one week at a time.
  Why Pray? Study Guide
  Adoration Study Guide
  Petition Study Guide
  Intercession Study Guide
  Unanswered Prayer Study Guide
  Contemplation Study Guide
  Listening Study Guide
  Spiritual Warfare Study Guide
  Leader's Guide
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