Choosing Marriage Debra Fileta
Choosing Marriage
Debra Fileta
1. We > Me: Choosing Selflessness 21 MINS
2. Walls Will Fall: Choosing ... 19 MINS
3. #REALTALK: Choosing ... 21 MINS
4. In Love or In Need?: Choosing ... 20 MINS
Choosing marriage is one of the most significant and life-changing decisions you’ll ever make. Unfortunately, it’s a decision that too many people go into with little education and even less preparation. For so many people, the struggle is real as the "reality check" of marriage begins to unfold with each passing year.

But while marriage may be hard, a healthy marriage doesn't stop there. In marriage, we’re called to let go of our sin and selfishness in exchange for something better. We’re invited to choose WE over ME. And when we choose to journey through the hard things, we get the opportunity to experience the great things on the other side.

No matter what your relationship status: whether single, engaged, or married; join licensed professional counselor, relationship expert, and author, Debra Fileta, in this series of videos that will open your eyes to the choices you can make today to create a better marriage for tomorrow. 
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