Three Strategies for Re-entry Jeff Henderson
Three Strategies for Re-entry
Jeff Henderson
1. Three Strategies for Re-entry 52 MINS
During these times, our communities are more important than ever. It is no longer about being the best organization in the world. It is about being the best organization FOR the world. Jeff Henderson will share three practical strategies for re-entry into our new reality.
  Know What You're FOR - A Growth Strategy For Work, An Even Better Strategy For Life
Jeff Henderson

Do the people in your world know you’re FOR them?

In our world today, people are often known more for what they are against than what they are for. Unfortunately, this extends even into the church. We want to reach the lost with the incredible good news of Christ, but often all they ever hear us emphasize are the behaviors and attitudes we are against.

In this video Bible study (study guide sold separately), pastor Jeff Henderson points out God is FOR the people in our world. He is FOR breaking down unnecessary barriers that keep people away from experiencing his love. And as his followers, he calls us to be spouses, parents, friends, leaders, and employees who do the same.

Designed for use with Know What You’re FOR Study Guide, sold separately.

1. What Are You FOR? 16 MINS
2. FOR Your World 17 MINS
3. FOR Your Team 17 MINS
4. FOR Your Community 18 MINS
5. FOR Your Life 17 MINS
Clay Scroggins
A Four-Part study for men that explored what it looks like to win in the areas of life that matter most.
1. Win at Work 16 MINS
2. Win With Others 15 MINS
3. Win With God 16 MINS
4. Win Within 18 MINS
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