Called to Act: 5 Uncomplicated Disciplines for Men Vince Miller
Called to Act: 5 Uncomplicated Disciplines for Men
Vince Miller
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Prayer 18 MINS
2. Scripture 17 MINS
3. Brotherhood 14 MINS
4. Accountability 12 MINS
5. Ministry 17 MINS
If you are a man who feels that spiritual growth is at times frustrating—you are not alone! Most men find spiritual growth over complicated, but it doesn’t need to be that way. In this series Called to Act: 5 Uncomplicated Disciplines for Men, speaker and author Vince Miller provides an understanding of five essential spiritual disciplines that ignite a lifelong journey of spiritual development made just for men. Leave the ranks of the hesitant and join a movement of men. 
  CALLED TO ACT: 5 Uncomplicated Disciplines for Men Overview
Most men, married or not, have real questions about marriage, sex, desire, conflict, intimacy, and other relational issues that go completely undiscussed. These topics are difficult to discuss in a meaningful conversation and therefore they go completely unaddressed resulting in tension we are ashamed to admit and thus we rarely seek the needed guidance - until it's too late.

In this series, we talk about them. We'll get to hear insights from a group of charming women about what they think we (men) think. But even more we will hear from six powerful scriptures about how to understand and address the tensions that men experience that often go unaddressed. Join, Vince Miller, in a discussion on Men & Marriage and let's overcome the tension together. 
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Our Vision for Marriage 17 MINS
2. When Marriage Gets Hard 15 MINS
3. Sex & Fasting 17 MINS
4. Stop Building A Case 20 MINS
5. Wrongful Desires 18 MINS
6. The Grace Factor 20 MINS
Daily it's getting more challenging to be a man. Our present culture is redefining manhood and confusing men in their pursuit of Biblical manhood. But how will you respond? What will you say and do when the world demands a response? Discover how to respond by rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, loving unconditionally, living with integrity, serving humbly, and investing eternally. Let others see masculinity and manhood through the lens of Christ in your life with these seven characteristics and become a better man, husband, father, and leader.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Rejecting Passivity 22 MINS
2. Accepting Responsibility 20 MINS
3. Leading Courageously 17 MINS
4. Loving Unconditionally 19 MINS
5. Living with Integrity 17 MINS
6. Serving Humbly 18 MINS
7. Investing Eternally 19 MINS
In a world where everyone is attempting to define manhood, why not look to God who designed men. God's definition of real manhood is found in the ultimate man - Jesus Christ. Gather with other men for a new study entitled Attributes For Men. Ten sessions on nine attributes that will empower you to become the man God wants you to be.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Introduction 12 MINS
2. Submits To Authority 13 MINS
3. Willing To Sacrifice 16 MINS
4. Radical Obedience 10 MINS
5. Strategies Self-Discipline 12 MINS
6. Receptive To Truth 10 MINS
7. Lives Purposefully 15 MINS
8. Deliberately Produces Growth 16 MINS
9. Integrity Of Motive 11 MINS
10. Devoted To Brotherhood 12 MINS
Every Christian man at some point asks themselves this question, "Why do I keep repeating the same sin, and yet I try new tactics with limited results?" Stop the insanity and join with other men for a new study entitled the Defeating Repetitive Sin for Men. A five-lesson study that will help you tackle that destructive sin and build a battle plan for increased spiritual results.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. The Seduction Of Sin 28 MINS
2. The Power Of Belief 23 MINS
3. The Remaking Of The Mind 23 MINS
4. The Design Of Desire 27 MINS
5. The Impact Of Accountability 30 MINS
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