MasterClass on Faith Josh Shaw
MasterClass on Faith
Josh Shaw
Trailer 2 MINS
1. How to Read Your Bible 16 MINS
2. How to Study Your Bible 13 MINS
3. How to Pray 21 MINS
4. How to Sabbath/Shalom 12 MINS
5. How to Suffer Well 24 MINS
6. How to Experience Intimacy 13 MINS
7. How to Discover Your Calling 30 MINS
8. How to Doubt Well 17 MINS
9. How to Experience the ... 25 MINS
Every Christian has questions.

Whether they be questions about faith and life, to vocation and call; we’ve all got questions. But unfortunately, many of our questions are not easily answered.

A recent study found that thousands of people every single week go to the most popular social media platforms and content websites in the world searching for answers to Christianity’s most pressing questions—the questions many of us ask on a regular basis—but when they search for these answers, they don’t find them.

You would be hard-pressed to find a simple answer to the question: “How do you read your Bible?” Or, “Why does Christianity worry about sex?”

Answers to questions like these seem to either be hard to find, or simply non-existent in the 21st century, social-media-driven world we live in today.

Which is why we created MasterClass on Faith. MasterClass is a series meant to dive into the most searched questions of our generation, while providing answers that are thought provoking, encouraging, and spiritually satisfying.

Welcome to MasterClass on Faith. 
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