God at Work Ken Costa
God at Work
Ken Costa
1. God’s Purpose for Work 17 MINS
2. Called to Work 17 MINS
3. Authentically You 19 MINS
4. Transforming Work Culture 17 MINS
5. Money Matters 16 MINS
6. Enjoy Giving 18 MINS
7. Good Ambition 16 MINS
8. Failing Well 18 MINS
9. Right Decisions 16 MINS
10. Smart Decisions 19 MINS
11. Living Well 16 MINS
12. Tackling Stress 17 MINS
Do you know what it means to live each day with purpose? God calls us to the work we are doing. He’s interested not only in what we do but how we do it. Yet, finding purpose at work is one of the greatest challenges in our world today, and many of us struggle to live out our faith from Monday to Friday

God at Work includes twelve essential Conversations to inspire the way you work. Start your own conversation and transform how your faith impacts your work today.

Wherever you are at, our passion is to encourage you to integrate your faith and work and propel you to be an agent of the kingdom of God in your workplace. These practical and authentic episodes are intended to equip you for your unique challenges and opportunities. 
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