Downline Discipleship Kennon Vaughan
Downline Discipleship
Kennon Vaughan
1. Marching Orders: Bringing ... 36 MINS
2. Marching Orders: Bringing ... 35 MINS
3. Making Disciples: The Vision ... 39 MINS
4. Multiplication: The Genius Of ... 42 MINS
5. Taking Up The Mantle: ... 30 MINS
6. Investing Downline: Living A ... 34 MINS
7. Blueprint: How-To's Of Making ... 37 MINS
8. Follow Me: The Timeless ... 27 MINS
Over the past few years, an enormous amount of research has been done on the effectiveness of the modern western church in the area of "making disciples." The statistical results have been alarming to say the least. What has become evident through the labors of many of those committed to such research is that a very small percentage of those claiming to be followers of Christ have a Biblical understanding of what it means to "make disciples," and even fewer are still actively making disciples.

In this series, Executive Director Kennon Vaughan presents seven scripturally-centered sessions that will equip and inspire you to more effectively make disciples in response to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Full size student guides, as well as teacher guides, are available online if you would like to go through this discipleship training study with a small group, and can be found by clicking on the orange button above.  
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