Seeking The Lord For Spiritual Awakening Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
Seeking The Lord For Spiritual Awakening
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
1. Seeking The Lord For Spiritual ... 58 MINS

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Publisher:   Revive Our Hearts - 2012
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Seeking the Lord isn't just part of the byline from the conference True Woman '12: Seeking Him Together for Spiritual Awakening. It's a way of life. Join Nancy Leigh DeMoss as she shows you what it means to seek the Lord and then explains how to seek Him more fervently.

From the True Woman 12 national women's conference held on September 20-22, 2012 in Indianapolis, IN.
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Libraries:   Popular Teachers
Publisher:   Revive Our Hearts - 2012
true woman, spiritual, biblical, author, women, lord, seeking, revive our hearts
OTHER SERIES WITH Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
Birthdays offer the perfect opportunity to reflect upon your life and consider what you've learned along the way. In this Revive Our Hearts Series, Nancy Leigh DeMoss celebrates her fiftieth spiritual birthday - fifty years of knowing Jesus as Savior and walking with Him. Be encouraged in your own faith in Christ through these videos highlighting God's loving kindness to Nancy over the years.
1. Celebrating a Life of Faith 3 MINS
2. Trusting in Jesus Alone 3 MINS
3. Memories of an Easter Baptism 3 MINS
4. Dear Mommy and Daddy 3 MINS
5. The Influence of a Father's ... 3 MINS
6. The Heart God Revives 5 MINS
7. Cultivating a Giving Heart 3 MINS
8. Learning to Slow Down 2 MINS
9. Getting into God's Word 2 MINS
10. Leaning Hard on the Lord 3 MINS
11. The Birth of Revive Our Hearts ... 4 MINS
12. Being Intentional in Your Faith ... 4 MINS
13. Moving in the Right Spiritual ... 3 MINS
14. Cherished Memories 3 MINS
15. The Happy Surrenders in Life 3 MINS
16. Cultivating a Heart that Wants ... 3 MINS
17. Faith in Dry Seasons 4 MINS
18. Tearing Down Strongholds 2 MINS
19. A Christian View of Singleness 7 MINS
20. The Blessing of Relational ... 4 MINS
21. Living Ready to Die 4 MINS
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
The Wonder of His Name study includes meditations from Nancy Leigh DeMoss on thirty-two of the names of Jesus. Each day's reflection is designed to help you contemplate new aspects of our Savior. As you delve deeper into the character of Jesus with Nancy for a month, you'll be strengthened in in your faith, comforted by His promises, and ultimately transformed to be more like Him.
1. Jesus 2 MINS
2. The Word 2 MINS
3. Son of God 2 MINS
4. Son of Man 3 MINS
5. Imanuel 3 MINS
6. Wonderful Counselor 3 MINS
7. Mighty God 3 MINS
8. Prince of Peace 3 MINS
9. Captain 2 MINS
10. Chief Cornerstone 2 MINS
11. Friend of Sinners 2 MINS
12. Messiah 2 MINS
13. I am 3 MINS
14. Bread of Life 3 MINS
15. Light of the World 3 MINS
16. Good Shepherd 3 MINS
17. Savior 3 MINS
18. Resurrection and the Life 3 MINS
19. Lord 3 MINS
20. The Truth 3 MINS
21. Great High Priest 3 MINS
22. Head 3 MINS
23. Advocate 3 MINS
24. Alpha and Omega 3 MINS
25. Bridegroom 3 MINS
26. Lion 3 MINS
27. King 3 MINS
28. Servant 3 MINS
29. Redeemer 3 MINS
30. Man of Sorrows 3 MINS
31. Lamb of God 4 MINS
32. Amen 3 MINS
Join Mary Kassian, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and six of their friends as they explore God's divine design in this eight-week study on biblical womanhood.

You'll be encouraged and challenged to discover, embrace, and delight in the beauty,joy, and fulfillment of being exactly who God created you to be. Laugh and learn along with Mary, Nancy, Karen Loritts, Carolyn McCulley, Dannah Gresh, Erin Davis, Kimberly Wagner, and Holly Elliff.

1. Gender Matters 20 MINS
2. Snips and Snails 23 MINS
3. Sugar and Spice 23 MINS
4. Snake in My Garden 23 MINS
5. Battle of the Sexes 24 MINS
6. Hear Me Roar 23 MINS
7. Total Makeover 24 MINS
8. Sisterhood Is Powerful 26 MINS
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
We live in a world touched by darkness, desperation, and the "shadow of death," but knowing our Shepherd, Jesus, gives us hope for today and the future. In this four-part series of Psalm 23-recorded at The Cove-Nancy teaches us how to trust God's heart, rest in His care, live in the peace and power of His presence, and enjoy the promise of His provision. We can have the same kind of rich, intensely personal relationship with God that David enjoyed when we spend time with our Good Shepherd.
1. Part 1 40 MINS
2. Part 2 45 MINS
3. Part 3 37 MINS
4. Part 4 36 MINS
It's easy to get excited about seeking the Lord when you're standing with a large group of likeminded people. But how do you continue to fervently seek the Lord when you wake up tired on a typical morning? Nancy Leigh DeMoss offers some suggestions and prays for those seeking the Lord in various life circumstances. 

From the True Woman 12 national women's conference held on September 20-22, 2012 in Indianapolis, IN.

1. An Ongoing Call To Seek Him ... 29 MINS
Does fear hold you back from all God wants to do through you? Nancy Leigh DeMoss understands the fear that tempts women away from God's calling on their lives. She'll open the Bible and show you the example of Deborah, a mother of Israel used by God to save a nation. This example will encourage you to bravely be God's true woman in our day.

From the True Woman '10 conference held in Fort Worth, TX on October 14-16, 2010.
1. A True Woman Joins The Battle 59 MINS
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
You have a huge influence on the world around you. You don't have to be involved in politics, economics or culture to effect the world. Nancy Leigh DeMoss says, when you embrace Biblical truth and act on it, it will impact the world around you in surprising ways.

From the True Woman '10 conference held on October 14-16, 2010 in Fort Worth, TX.
1. What Is A True Woman? 1 HR 3 MINS
God can bring the miracle of refreshing streams to the most barren wasteland! In The Cry of the Captives, Nancy Leigh DeMoss walks through Psalm 126, a key Old Testament revival prayer, and shares her longing for God to pour out His Spirit in a supernatural awakening and revival in our day. "I am no longer able to be satisfied with 'explainable' Christianity," she says "I want to see what God can do."
1. A Plea for Revival 49 MINS
This powerful presentation counters the feminist lies of the culture by presenting the biblical truth. Nany Leigh DeMoss believes God's design for manhood and womanhood is a crucial aspect of His plan in creation and redemption, and that the implications of rejecting that plan are enormous.

Nancy is burdened for God's people to courageously and intentionally embrace His design for the display of His glory and the furtherance of His Kingdom. Nancy reveals that would happen if a "remant" of women are willing to return to the authority of God's Word and to embrace God's priorities and purposes for their lives and homes.

Imagine what would happen if women lived out the beauty and the wonder of womanhood as God created it to be!
1. A Vision for Biblical Womanhood 1 HR 7 MINS
Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
What kind of woman does God want you to be? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Nancy examines the life of Miriam in the Old Testament to give us an example to follow and a warning to heed.

Through Miriam's life, you'll understand the power of a godly female model in celebrating the goodness of God and affirming godly male leadership. But Miram also went from worshipping to rebelling, from celebrating to being contentious. It's a sobering reminder that no matter how long you've walked with the Lord, you're not immune to falling.

Through Nancy's insighful message, you'll discover the importance of dealing with the little things when they first happen, rather than nursing them. Plus, you'll see a beautiful picture of God's mercy and restoration.
1. Worshiping at the Red Sea 28 MINS
2. Willful in the Wilderness 1 HR
Being in the ministry, whether as a lay person or as a vocational Christian worker, has many joys and blessings. But it also makes us vulnerable to unique pressures and difficulties.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss identifies twelve pitfalls that can cause the Lord's servants to falter or even to be sidelined. Numberous illustrations, as well as a series of penetrating questions, help us recognize where we may have fallen into one or more of these pitfalls. She also provides practical, biblical insight on how to stay faithful all the way to the finish line.
1. Avoiding the Snares of Ministry 1 HR 5 MINS
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