Leadership from the Shepherd's Perspective Holly Culhane
Leadership from the Shepherd's Perspective
Holly Culhane
1. Introduction, Objectives, and ... 14 MINS
2. The Leader as a Shepherd 10 MINS
3. Leadership Exploration 14 MINS
4. Shepherding Behaviors 16 MINS
5. Shepherd's Operating Manual 11 MINS
6. God takes Shepherding Seriously 29 MINS
This workshop series explores shepherding as a universal Godly leadership principle. Whether parenting, pastoring, partnering, managing, supervising, or working with volunteers, donors or Board members, the timeless responsibility of shepherding is essential to leading well and influencing effectively. Your personal experiences and digging into Scripture during these workshops help translate Biblical principles into practical application. In addition, the creation of a customized Shepherd’s Operating Manual transforms a conceptual theory into uniquely relevant behaviors where you live, work, volunteer, and lead. The shepherding model is illustrated in the Leader’s Shield and is grounded in the three pivotal elements of provision, protection, and presence. In fact, it is only when these three responsibilities are fully realized that one can truly live into their calling as leader! This highly interactive series is perfect for individuals, couples, and small groups alike and will forever alter you and the way you lead, as well as the lives of those around you. (Also available to support your experience: A Participant Workbook, an interactive app, a comprehensive Leader’s Guide, the 30-Day Shepherd Leadership Challenge series, Shepherds in Action interviews, and coaching and consulting to provide support for the lifelong journey of shepherding well.) 
  Participant Workbook
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