10 Day Freedom from Porn Action Plan Carl Thomas
10 Day Freedom from Porn Action Plan
Carl Thomas
1. Welcome to the 10 Day Action ... 2 MINS
2. Introduction 2 MINS
3. Day 1: Brutal Honesty 12 MINS
4. Day 2: Dare to Dream 7 MINS
5. Day 3: Goals 6 MINS
6. Day 4: Accountability 8 MINS
7. Day 5: The Lizard Brain 7 MINS
8. Day 6: The Thinking Brain 6 MINS
9. Day 7: Hacking Your Decision ... 11 MINS
10. Day 8: Going Deeper 8 MINS
11. Day 9: Triggers 9 MINS
12. Day 10: Values and Measures 17 MINS
13. BONUS: Carl's Testimony and 3 ... 12 MINS
The 10 Day Freedom from Porn Action Plan is an online video series and course designed to help men and women find freedom from their life from porn and other unwanted sexual behaviors. This course is frank, honest, and will challenge you to take action in your life by providing you with the tools, teaching, and practical steps needed to build an effective strategy.

Each day's action step included a written lesson, a video lesson, and an exercise to complete so you can process what you learn and apply it immediately.

Access the FREE course materials for this series here: livefreecommunity.org/rightnow
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