Workplace Ministry
Workplace Ministry
1. Giving God Glory at Work 4 MINS
2. Faith in Our Workplaces 7 MINS
3. Work is a Holy Calling 9 MINS
4. The Changing Global Workplace 6 MINS
5. Christians Belong in the ... 10 MINS
6. Church, Don’t Miss the ... 8 MINS
7. Challenges to Faith in the ... 7 MINS
8. Renewing Our Vision for ... 4 MINS
9. On Mission with God at Work 6 MINS
This series examines the impact and effect that Christians can and should have in the workplace, how the Bible supports this notion, and how the church can support and encourage Christian workers through inspiring leaders, organizations, and movements to understand the importance of workplace ministry to global evangelization.  
  Workplace Ministry - Study guide
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