The How-Tos of Servant Leadership Bill Pollard
The How-Tos of Servant Leadership
Bill Pollard
1. Servant Leadership Requires a ... 7 MINS
2. Servant Leadership Demands ... 8 MINS
3. Leadership Means Investing in ... 4 MINS
4. Get to the Heart of Your ... 5 MINS
5. Ask the Right Question About ... 4 MINS
6. Don’t Be Afraid of Change, But ... 5 MINS
7. Bonus Video: The Value of ... 6 MINS
Servant leadership has two parts: serving the people who depend on you and leading them to the right destination. Retired businessman Bill Pollard has been a lawyer, a professor, and CEO of one of the nation's largest commercial businesses, ServiceMaster. In this six-part series produced in partnership with Soderquist Leadership, Bill walks leaders through both aspects of servant leadership—both the serving and the leading.

This video series has a companion Training Course with discussion questions that can be found here:
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